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FLOWER ARRANGING In order to allocate sufficient space in this section, all entries for classes 200 to 204 must be received at one of the addresses on the entry form by the Wednesday before the Show.

200) NOVICE CLASS-AN INFORMAL ARRANGEMENT IN A TIN CAN Use 400ml/gm can. Space allowed 25cm x 25 cm height unlimited. A Novice is an exhibitor who has not previously won first prize.

201) SHOWTIME. An exhibit depicting your favourite MUSICAL, PLAY, FILM, PANTOMIME.…………. Please give it a name. Space allowed 60cm. x 60cm.  Height unlimited.

202) FOLIAGE ONLY. An exhibit of FOLIAGE. Space allowed 45cm. x 45 cm.height optional 

203) A TABLE CENTRE. An exhibit for any occasion… please give title. Space allowed 45cm x 45cm  height optional.

204) COME INTO THE GARDEN. An exhibit of any season in the garden …please state season. Space allowed 45cm x 45cm height unlimited



NOTE: More than one entry may be included in any Class. Flowers/foliage need not be grown by exhibitor. Exhibits may be completely or partially arranged at home. Natural plant material must predominate, unless otherwise stated. Staging is open, exhibits are viewed all round but judging, under NAFAS rules, is from the front.