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Class Index

210       A Scarecrow – to be made by one or more members of a family, class or other group.

212      JOAN BEASANT CUP for best DECORATIVE FRIEZE by a pre-school group.

213       FRENCHAY HOSPITAL CUP for best DECORATIVE FRIEZE by an infant or junior school. Max size 61cms x 183cms for both classes 212 & 213

214       THE SOCIETY SHIELD – COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION of work by a Women’s Institute, Townswomen’s Guild or other organisation. 910mm  round table provided.

Exhibit to include:

  1. An item of cookery (sweet or savoury excluding preserves)
  2. A Flower Arrangement
  3. An item of Craftwork or Art
  4. A Preserve (sweet or savoury) OR a second item from any of 1-3 above.
  5. A Decorative, numbered and itemised list of the items 1-4 above, headed with your chosen theme.

Each item on the table to be judged must be numbered (1-5) and where there is an alternative (3&4) state which one is applicable alongside the number (i.e. whether Craft or Artwork). 20 marks available for each item 1 to 4 and 20 marks available for staging, to include item 5, taking into account presentation, colour co-ordination and interpretation of your theme.